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Meet the Bird

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I can help you tell your story better than I can tell my own.

It's hard to talk about yourself, and even harder to extract those interesting details and share your story with others.

Sometimes it can feel like you're too boastful, and other times, you hear that people wish they knew more about an exciting adventure, project, or accomplishment. I struggle with telling my own story but know that if I had help determining what those key talking points are, I know that I would be able to tell it confidently - and that is what I aim to do for all of my clients.

I have been working with Social Media for 10 years now, through all the trends, changes, algorithms, etc. They like to keep us on our toes, don't they! I graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with a BA in Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations. I've used my degree working as a Reporter, Marketing Manager, Account Manager, PR Coordinator, and PR/Social Media Manager. Whatever the position, storytelling has always part of my job description and is what I enjoy doing most. Through my various positions, I had the desire to be more independent and started my own business and am grateful for the opportunity to narrow my focus to helping others share their narrative.

Strategic storytelling comes from a Bird's Eye View. (I know, I know, way too punny).

To tell a whole story, we need to look at all sides and see how our audience receives information, what types of information do they like and engage with, and what kinds of information do want to see more of. Basically, the rhetoric of your message, personality, business, brand, or product.

We aim to tell your story with an appetite for changing perspectives.

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